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Sitting in my bedroom, nearly a week on from the match, and to be honest, I can remember more about my first match as a Raider as opposed to this dismal result that we suffered in the hands of the poxy French.

We’ve had a few results go against us lately, and I don’t think its been for a lack of trying. No one likes excuses, but things have piled up against us. If this was to be my last match as a Raider, then it is not the nicest of ways to go.

As we have said on numerous occasions, big shout out to the younger lads who have stepped in. They have been great but there have been too many cracks that we have been trying to cover as of late.

Lets call a spade a spade here, I didn’t even deserve to be writing this report. So instead of doing a traditional match report, I’ll do it a bit differently. I’m guessing that only 3 people read this thing anyway, ye boring fools.

Approaching 2 years of being a Raider. A tall, awakward, white Irish lad trying to match the swag of some of ye South Americans and other Europeans is no easy feat I’ll have ye know. My toes have taken an absolute battering trying to out perform some of ye in training, with my just about more than standard level of energy maybe making up for many other things which I lack inside the 4 white lines.

Gary and Nick tried persuading me for a couple of years to join the Raiders, but I was always a little apprehensive. It must have been the Facebook photos of all those stupid hats I saw hanging on your heads. I thought my fashion was awful, well…

But… seriously, I have to say I have loved my time at this club. I have met a lot of great and special people, people who make the club what it is. I see a lot of dedication being put in which can sometimes go unnoticed. You all have been very welcoming to me from day one and I hope that you continue to keep this club what it is.

What will I miss the most? Hmmm..
I’ll miss Hoggy being a nut on and off the pitch, but the best fucking nut there ever was. I’ll miss the smell of weed from Tip Dog as I’m hugging that right touch line. I’ll miss Foxy and Sven trying to twist my arm and get me as shitfaced as possible on whatever occasion. I’ll miss Mirko jumping like a cat across that white line. I’ll miss Colin’s fashionable smig, bring it back! I’ll miss the Dutch lads ripping it up, Clem scoring goals he shouldn’t be scoring, Chris skipping past people like the agile fucker I think I am when I play football, Ricky smashing that volley in bottom right, the very friendly greeting of ‘hello’ that I get from Flo whenever I see him and Arjen with his contagious energy. I’ll miss Eric’s emotional outbursts, nearly as bad as mine! Sipho, you’re a beast. I won’t miss feeling like a useless prick after seeing you parade up that left wing effortlessly. Nick Rowe, always there for a beer, chicken sandwich at the ready for Vung Tau, fucking legend! Scottie, Myles, Andy, I’ve earned a little place in your hearts, don’t deny it.

I’ll miss Joe’s motivational quotes, the best ever. You’re the man Joe! Keep the motivation high. Jonas, we have our little niggles here and there, but you know I love you. If any Vikings are reading this, also a pleasure getting to know all of ye. Appreciate Jimmy Q for being the man and always offering a word of advice and encouragement. I’ve never met a man who loves his pecks more! Gary, we didn’t meet too much on the pitch, down to our old age and our crippled bodies, but I enjoyed every sip of beer with you! Magnus, absolute baller bossing it in the middle, too relaxed they say, nah, they’re idiots.. Miah, I’ll miss that American swag rocking up to the match and the forever positive attitude. Emma, another boss. Your talent annoys me Emma, as I’ll never be able to do what you do, ridiculous skills. Giulio, my knowledge of wine has improved, thank you! To the newer lads, Chris, Paulo, Mariano, Tom, again a pleasure getting to share the field with ye. Mark Kenny, another wall, man mountain. Thoroughly enjoyed playing beside you.

To Colin, Hoggy, Mark, Nick, Matt, Foxy, Clem, Jonas and Jamie for taking all the sessions. Cheers boys.
Sorry about the shitty match report, but I enjoyed doing this a lot more. I’ll see you around for a few more beers.

Up the Raiders!

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