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Charity & Community

A CLUB THAT CARES – During Covid-19

Saigon Online:

Founded by club Chairman Danial Hogg & Head Coach Colin Dixon.

Set up to support the Saigon community during Covid-19 and continuing post lockdown. Raiders took an active role in looking out for the Saigon community.

Members delivered daily exercise and yoga classes, weekly social quizzes, cook-along events and mental health and well-being talks with key community leaders.

Together the group raised over 110,000,000 VND for charity and sent over 30 members to give blood during the pandemic.

Today the group stands with over 700+ facebook and 300+ instagram followers. Still continuing to service the community with the ‘Saigon Run Club’.

A CLUB THAT ACTS – Community Outreach

This season members were made aware a portion of their membership would go towards supporting community and charity targets the club had identified for the season ahead.
New Partnerships

The club has worked on developing links with regional and local charities in an effort to ensure we can maximise the impact of our efforts. We have successfully established links with The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation and SOS Vietnam.

We will be continuing to grow our partnerships with these charities across what we hope will be many years to come. These relationships help us to more easily provide effective support for events/causes promoted by these charities.

Tra Bong Emergency Aid Appeal

Saigon Raiders took a leading role in a wider community effort to send emergency aid to 490 families with almost 800 children in Tra Bong. This is an area in Quang Ngai province that suffers from great poverty as well as annual natural disasters often in the form of flooding and landslides.

Our contact in the area Ms.Tien has been regularly in contact with the Saigon Raiders to provide clear updates on the progress of the appeal and what was most needed on the ground.

Saigon Raiders sent donations totaling over VND30,000,000 as well as many members providing large quantities of essential goods most needed by people in the area at the time. Adding to this a Raiders group also made the trip up the help with the distribution of the aid.


SOS Orphanage Go Vap

Saigon Raiders will be continuing to develop our partnership with SOS Vietnam and will work closely with the Go Vap Children’s Village over the coming season.

In August we will be starting to host football activity sessions for the children at the orphanage on certain weekends. We have already visited the village to meet the staff and see the facilities and are very excited to provide more opportunities for these children to have fun developing their football skills with the help of our dedicated members. We aim to provide additional football gear and equipment for children at the village as we move forward.

We will also be making a donation of VND13,800,000 next month to support the orphanage with their everyday costs.

Clem and Gary Visiting SOS Orphanage in Go Vap, Saigon

Tra Bong Sustainable Project

The club also understands the need for sustainable projects in order to make a real difference to an area on a long term basis.

We will be aiming to further strengthen our links with Tra Bong & Ms.Tien by contributing to a planned well building project in the area which aims to provide more easily accessible clean drinking water for people in the area.

The club will also be in touch with Tien regularly to ensure we can continue to support emergency appeals in the area as and when they are needed. Tien continues to update us regularly from the ground in Quang Ngai Province.

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