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Los goles que se erran en el arco de enfrente se sufren en el propio. It was a great opportunity for Raiders to keep oiling the machine, and in addition try new combination of players.

It was indeed a good mix of players that were not very used to play together, making things more fun and challenging. We´ve even saw the temporary return of one of Raiders legends, Mr. Ben Sharvell, a nomad financial advisor, with a taste for colorful tattoos, helping the team with good touches and some positive coaching shouts.

First half was totally controlled by Raiders, with over 10 goal chances created, in which Wissy was the only player able to score. He scored two in the first 40 minutes. During that period we´ve also fell into the offside trap countless times, being n – 3 times wrong calls from the lineman, that stopped more Wissy´s goals. A solely counterattack from AFC found us in bad shape, allowing them to score and to think they could come back. Well… they did. Jonas “kneepads” Höner was very active during his performance, but wasn´t able to score, few times because he didn´t receive that final pass, sometimes because, as the rest of Raiders teammates, aim was off-point. In spite of that, we all think he enjoyed the friendly, because he had time to download some tense energy shouting to ref, opposite team, and teammates, heat of the moment they say. Completely understandable.

Second half Raiders continued missing open chances, AFC gained confidence and started with better transitions and to control some periods of the game. The result is in sight, the match finished Raiders 3-4 AFC. On a positive note, we saw Wissy scoring a hattrick again. On a negative note, we saw Wissy scoring only a hattrick. Vinh was elected MVP of the game, thanks to his high quality minutes, snatching the ball from opponents and passing it with smart decisions. Tireless Moritz again showing he wants more minutes in the squad, positive news for the team. Everyone tried it´s best, and that is what matters for this kind of preparation games.

Congratulations despite the result. This finishes as it started: goal-scoring opportunities you missed will be suffered in your own goal.

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