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The long trip to Gia Phu stadium for the Vikings ended in a respectable 2..2 draw against the home team of Wao FC.

Ed Cascarino made his physical strength and determined running count with 2 goals. A fine display that fully deserved the man of the match award.

A number of good displays are certainly worthy of note. The CB partnership of Matt and Rob looked both solid and calm in their marshalling of the Vikings around them alongside keeping the opposition strikers at a safe distance from Jonas in goal.

The flexible and adaptable qualities of the Viking raiders were evident throughout with many being asked to play in multiple positions through the course of the game.

Sergio, Aleandro, Nick when Danielle showing a great attitude to play in different roles for the good of the team.

The real talking points of the game were of course the penalties awarded in each half. The equaliser coming in the final minutes. To their credit the players kept their emotions in check. Danny Vo was of course shocked as he had no idea where the player was, let alone anywhere near him to foul him.

On reflection a fair result. Wao FC’s 18 was pulling the strings first half but the defensive work rate of the Vikings saw him much quieter in the second. The return of Myles to the Viking midfield saw more balls played through to the strikers who, on another day would have taken a few more half chances and put the game out of sight.

As ever the lads will regroup at training on Tuesday to then discover which ground they will be carrying out their next Viking invasion on at the weekend.

Football is always the winner.

Thank you to Wesport and also thanks to Hem Chill for sponsoring the club for the season.

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