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The Raiders woke up ready for the game against the mighty CVA FC. A match considered South East Asia’s “El Clásico”. Soon they found out the difference between dreamy expectations and harsh reality. The team ended up playing a 7 a side game against themselves because the opponents didn’t show up. Word says that CVA FC heard about Coach Colin’s return to the playing field and chickened out. Would you blame them?

It was Saturday afternoon, bright HCM sun, 30 degrees, and the line ups were as follows. On one side; Manolo, Hung, Chris, Kim, Guido, Chris, Jonathan, Alex, and Coach Colin. On the other side; Vincent, Pierre(MVP), Dani Vo, Nayan, Thijs, Bi, and Stephan (LVP). As some players decided to switch teams in the middle of the game there were no winners nor losers. Impossible to tell. Well, that’s not entirely true. There was an obvious loser, the game of football itself. Football Gods (Maradona and Messi) were crying up in the sky witnessing the tragedy. Thank god the game was not live streamed.

Silver lining was that the turn out was proper of a committed team, that we could get some playing time together, and that there are several players coming in strong and already knocking the first team’s door.

Keep it up Raiders. Next league game is right around the corner!

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Become a Saigon Raider