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30 May, 2018

One more push Raiders!!!

As I was watching champions league final on Saturday night I thought to myself I am not playing in this champions league… but I am the champion of a league! Wise words I feel to begin with. I’ll start with a question. What do Barcelona (la liga) 2008, juventus (serie A) 2017, 2018, Man U […]

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30 May, 2018

Saigon Raiders 2 – 0 Fighting Cocks

With the league title wrapped up, Raiders went into this game not really firing on all cylinders. A late Sunday night kick off coupled with a dickbag ref and a fiery Scotsman made for a gruelling and fiery 90 mins. The game started slowly with passes and tackles being missed all over the pitch. Both […]

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24 May, 2018

Raiders V Sporting

This game had a lead in time that began in July 2017 when this Raiders squad got together with the ambition to challenge for SIFL silverware. A long unbeaten run that stretched 23 games in all saw them within grasp of the league championship title. A quick reminder that we’re all mortals came in the […]

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15 May, 2018

Raiders back on Song as Saint get swept away!

Oh the taste of revenge is sweet.. Prior to the game Raiders could sense an optimism from the opposition, perhaps it was misplaced hope or an air of arrogance after their last scalp when they took three points in a tightly contested affair. The same could not be said about this game… To say the […]

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26 April, 2018

Body Swap

by Ben Sharvell & Nicolas Guimont (due to Nicolas leaving soon and thinks he is too good to be nominated for turkey in any of his last 4 games, he has requested to write the second half of the report in order to complete his Raiders journey by being a turkey) Early game scheduled at […]

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16 April, 2018

Raiders match 14th of April

On the 14th of April Raiders played the Saints. The eternal rival was ready for battle on this piping hot afternoon at Chu Van An. Despite a lot of key Raiders missing, a strong first 11 made their way on the pitch. Raiders started well from the 1st minute leading to a number of chances. […]

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26 March, 2018

Raiders Battle Through

It wasn’t pretty but sometimes it doesn’t have to be. The Raiders team progress through to the SILF Cup Final after a little scare from a tough Hot Shots side. In truth Raiders failed to test the Hotshots keeper half as much as they would have liked and after 2 fresh air shots from yours […]

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13 March, 2018

Raiders 3-0 FCFC

On Sunday 11th of March 2018, the Saigon Raiders played Fighting Cocks (x2). A decent team holding the 2nd place in the league. The first half immediately showed that the win wouldn’t come easy. Even though the Raiders put a lot of pressure on FC (2x), the opponent managed to keep the zero for a […]

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