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12 December, 2019

One Club. Two Teams. One Great Weekend

With club Turkeys Jimmy Q and JD absent someone had to step in and take on the responsibility of writing this weeks match report. Nayan luckily escaping the responsibility after not making it to the after-match beers at Pasteur…. Or maybe it was always going to end up this way after some on the pitch […]

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07 November, 2018

Raiders 4 – 4 AFC

“Does the Universe really revolve around me?” These SIFL-less weeks pass most Raiders by unnoticed. And they may seem of less importance. However miracles make no distinction between Santiago Bernabeu and Chu Van An, and friendlies against All Stars or cup finals against Saints. The day started off promising already, as Mr Hung brought slightly […]

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30 October, 2018

Raiders ? – ? Raiders

The Raiders woke up ready for the game against the mighty CVA FC. A match considered South East Asia’s “El Clásico”. Soon they found out the difference between dreamy expectations and harsh reality. The team ended up playing a 7 a side game against themselves because the opponents didn’t show up. Word says that CVA […]

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23 October, 2018

Raiders 5 – 0 Raiders

While the regular schedule kept going in the SIFL, it was international break for the Saigon Raiders, as several players were convocated to represent their respective countries for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers. On a hot and sweaty Saturday morning, the off-league derby opposing the Pink Raiders to the Red Raiders was played on […]

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17 October, 2018

Raiders 3 – 3 Japan

Mixed feelings writing this match report for Turkey of the week. That I was late, yes, that I had a few drinks the night before yes. But what a lot of people actually don’t know is how this all happened…. It was Saturday night and we were going for a few drinks at one of […]

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09 October, 2018

Raiders 3 – 1 Olympique

Sunday 7th October 2018 The Raiders entered their second league fixture of the season hoping to establish an unbeaten run. This week’s opposition, the French outfit Olympique De Saigon, looking to record their first win after a 1-1 draw last time out. Olympique’s resilient defence and the Raiders free-flowing attack was sure to make for […]

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05 October, 2018

Hotshots 0 – 2 Raiders

The game the metropolis was waiting for. Raiders were ready to battle on a rainy Saturday. Good thing Craig got us some tight neoprene suits. The first 30 minutes were definitely the best for the Raiders. Players showed a good understanding with each other, quality passing, and a winning attitude. This led to two Hoggy […]

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26 September, 2018

Raiders 3 – 3 Sporting

After serving the Sa*nts a signature spanking the previous week, Raiders were ready and raring to give them another rogering. Taking inspiration from La Liga who will begin hosting games in the US, the sleuths at SIFL have spotted an exciting opportunity at a new location in distant Thu Duc. Overnight bags were packed, visas […]

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