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The flags were all at half-mast, the football pitches were instructed to be empty, and gun salutes were ready to be rolled out. People were lining the streets to mourn the end of – what some may deem – a successful career. One that began in a role of significance decades ago but had since petered out into nothing more than a bit part, an also-ran, somebody left on the heap of retirement. That persona in question had other ideas, though. Had other plans. Had new ideas.

Yes. Kev Fox was alive and well; he wasn’t ready to be a bit part; he wanted to be the main man again. He proved he could (still kind of) do it on a warm, dry, uneventful Friday night at Tri Hai! In fact, all who turned up acquitted themselves well, and credit must especially go to a forlorn Myles McGeown, who gave a good account of himself, even after Colin had accepted the scouser’s request to only play for a short period of the match as his own Liverpudlian way of paying his respects to the monarchy. A gesture that will mean a lot to those back. I’m sure they’ll be telling the stories of that selfless gesture in years to come around the fields of Anfield Road. Very noble, Myles.

And so it was against the wishes of the self-established “chief international mourners”, The FA (and Myles), that a Raiders XI took on a Tri Hai XI on Friday evening and produced a comfortable performance as the pre-season fitness regimes began to pay dividends.

Raiders were soon 2 goals to the good in no time, with some slick passing and movement being finished off well by the boys up front. The game was almost put to bed before half time however, there was still a chance of a comeback from a resolute Tri Hai team.

As the second half began, Raiders pushed to secure the victory and there were goals from several of the squad but the game still remained in the balance, with the few in attendance nervously beginning to wonder if Tri Hai might find their way back into the game.

Thankfully, a returning Raiders centre-half scored what can only be described as an “absolute thunderbastard” of a volley with his knee from 8 yards out to settle the nerves and make it 9-0. Various outlets have suggested that, if they were allowed to have done so, people the length and breadth of the UK would have been attempting to replicate the goal in back gardens, playing fields and 4G pitches over the weekend. They’ll have to wait til next weekend.

Several more slick moves resulted in several more goals and a good run-out put some much-needed minutes in some old legs. Hold off on the gun salutes for Foxy’s career.

For now.

Next up, The Ashes.

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