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There was a “football match” this past Saturday that featured the Raiders vs some team that thought they were really good and actually were decent but couldn’t seem to score because they were missing a halfway decent striker even though Scott kept getting skinned by their second rate striker and Pat had to bail him out constantly throughout the game. (how’s your breathing?)

Hung-over, tired, disheveled, and hardly “up for it”. The Raiders arrived to the pitch and proceed to have a great warmup run by Clem. Coach Colin laid the team out as follows: Nikolai “I’m sick” Wollenberg, Gary “I didn’t get hit or hit anyone” Forde, and Scott “bloated” McGeever made up the back three. Pat “great hair” Cartier played center defensive mid by himself with Clem “warmup guru” Levert just in front. On the right wing was Mike “I’m a divemaster” Owen and on the left was Ben “fifa master” Mansell. Up front we had Wouter “always offside” van Ravenhourst (don’t think that’s his last name just sounds good) and Bao “why is my kit so small oh it’s because I didn’t ask for a size up” Adams. Oh and I can’t forget in net was Jonas “get hurt before the match” Hoener. Special thanks to Jonas for getting hurt and forcing himself into net.

On the bench was Luke “Mike’s guardian angel” McDonell, Ben “I’ll come to the pitch when I please” Sharvell, Sven… oh no wait sven drank too much and didn’t make it, Kim “we will have a Korean even some day” Kim, and Aron “JUUL” Schuftan

You might ask, why were the Raiders only playing with ten men? Well actually there was someone else there but he was basically invisible during this match so it’s better if we just don’t mention his name. If the Raiders did play with ten men it would be unfair to the other team, so this worked out well.

To be fair, this game was fairly blasé through the first half. Except for the tremendous strike from Pat from about 50 yards that the keeper had to make a brilliant save on.

The game was a bit feisty but nothing overly dirty. The occasional extra kick or grab never hurt anyone, did it?

In the second half the Raiders finally broke through as the fifa master played a great cross field ball to the guy with great hair who calmly sent it across first-time to the warmup master who slotted it home. Raiders 1-0.

Toward the end of the game something happened and one guy on the other team was running away then his teammates tried to defend him, but I don’t think they even saw what happened. Come to find out there was some shoving going on between one of the Raiders (Miquel) and one of their players. In typical softlad fashion the opposing player threw a punch then ran away.

Thanks to Colin and ?!!Gary?!! For calming things down and making sure the game didn’t end in a brawl.

Raiders win 1-0, easy money.

Turkey: Pat

PS: Tam definitely did not play in this match.

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