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Apologize for the delay in writing the match report. It took me some time to craft my words for non-Americans. I will try to avoid American sports sayings and Trumpisms. Donald trump’s sayings are played out! Trump once said, “Show me someone without an ego and I’ll show you a loser”!

The Raiders reserves braved the blazing hot temperatures Sunday with huge egos and a desire to win! We were great! Hugely Successful! From the first horn to the last horn it was a game of inches. The Defense didn’t give an inch! Tom, Daniel V, Dan, keeper William, and Nayan stopped most attacks.

The man of the game was Nayan. He turned away the young foxes at every turn.

The young foxes had 8 subs, but the grit and determination of the raiders helped make things equal. In the second quarter, the raiders were flagged for unnecessary roughness and some harsh words were said, but good sportsmanship prevailed.

In the third quarter raiders put on a full-court press and Aron received a Hail mary that allowed the raiders to cross the goal line.

Man of the game nominee Aron played with strong determination in his manoeuvring around the young foxes! We don’t think of anything less from Aron as there were many sightings of Aron in d7 the night before with many foxy ladies.

Myles and Rob held together the team with their play in the midfield and their strong leadership during timeouts and halftime. In the final minutes of the fourth quarter, Tom Champion received the ball from a teammate’s foot. This miraculous event took place in the space in front of the end zone. Only a great effort from the keeper stopped the raiders from getting the Win.

Great efforts from Chris, Sebastian, Rory, Vinh, and Andy in securing the tie. Turkey of the game: Bryan. Bryan managed to miss every opportunity to head the ball during the game.

Like I said before the raider reserves were hugely successful! Our egos are intact! Go Raiders!

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