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The weather seemed ideal yesterday to follow up on the Raiders 2-0 victory over Japan, but sadly that was the scoreline against us after an estimated 15 minutes, a nice header by Saigon Fc saw them going 1-0 up while a misplaced offside line saw Saigon Fc’s striker alone in front of Angelo which left him without much chance in preventing the 2-0. While we are not blaming the Referee for our loss he did make some less than fair calls, mostly against the Raiders such as the clear foul on Nico in the box which left him with some less than friendly sounding Belgian words which I don’t even want to know the true meaning of. Nico kept cool and played in Laurie who beat the keeper for a nice 2-1 finish, which definitely lifted the Raiders spirits and saw us coming back into the game.

A narrow miss by Romain after Miguel’s free kick from halfway was among the better chances of the Raiders in the first half. Vu saw Saigon Fc’s goalie off the line and attempted a beauty from half way, which skimmed the top netting and would half made a contender for goal of the season if it had gone in.

The first half ended 2-1 with a look that we are really still in this game and various talks about Spain not having turkeys and testical eating defenders cleared up confusions within the team and lifted the general mood for the second half which we were sent out to by Justin with an inspiring “let’s raid their Castle” (not sure we understood that correctly judging by the final score).

Second half started like the first one did with Saigon Fc having a lot more pace and striking on goal with what at times seemed like 4 strikers? Great saves by Angelo saw the ball hitting the crossbar. On the other end it was so dead that Saigon’s goalie decided to go for a midgame piss next to the goal, which was one of the highlights on that end of the pitch.

Nico got a yellow card after having enough of the referee’s calls and proceeded to sub himself off for a while. 3-1 and 4-1 came fairly quick after one another after we just went to sleep and left Angelo with the mess, thanks to a great performance by Angelo we didn’t go under 5-1 or god forbid 6-1. Miguel made a valuable contribution after the game by telling is that we need to stop looking at their strikers as porn stars and start taking them into the kitchen… I leave you to imagine the rest of the talk. Things then turned slightly more sexual as bearded Floyd discovers Seb’s “Tittie Stickers “. All in all clearly not one of the better Raiders performances, but we now have 2 weeks off to think about where we can improve and what needs to be done to get back onto a winning streak.


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