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On a typical wet-season afternoon (it was wet) Raiders somehow succumbed to a lesser team despite a massive squad that left the makeshift coach with his work cut out to give everyone a decent amount of game time.

I think all present would agree that the opposition had little real threat to our goal, and scored their first through a free kick awarded when their player fell over like a girl after a Raiders defender breathed on him. The second was an unfortunate result of a backpass gone wrong, the ball hitting the water on the pitch immediately between Vu and Brian leaving the attacker a simple finish. Brian lay in the mud inconsolable, and was immediately substituted.

On Raiders part a decent goal was disallowed, as Fraser met a corner and planted the ball into the net via the crossbar, only for it to be ruled out for offside, although the physics of that are hard to grasp. Numerous other attacking chances were created but with no-one showing the quality to finish we failed to put the ball past their keeper.

Onwards and hopefully upwards, to next weekend.

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