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Dear Comrades,


I’m glad to be writing this match report…NOT! Can’t believe I’m playing side by side with such a bunch of racist bigots, always forcing the hispanic to write the report. Even when I broke my nose defending the team (yeah, just to exaggerate I’ll say I broke it). The hospital bill was around 2.5 million VND, thanks Pat for taking care of it. Best treasurer ever!!


Quite an easy game for the Raiders this past weekend. In all honesty, we expected the Sushi band to be a tougher contender.

Anyways, let’s deep dive into what happened throughout the match.


Good thing for me, the youtube stream starts with 2-1 for the Raiders. So there’s less to write a report of… Ha Ha! (Also considering my memory loss due to being elbowed in the nose).

To sum it up, first Raiders’ goal was Hoggy’s, Mike’s assist. And, second goal came in the shape and form of a beautiful free kick by Clemente. The top scorer table is fiercely competitive. Isn’t that right Jonas?

Japan scored the 2-1 after a free kick, where ‘butter hands’ Mirko magnificently  assisted Mr.Nigiri. It is to be highlighted that no defender ran for the ball, showing the trust and confidence deposited in ‘Il Portiere d’Oro’.


Before half-time we had, an incident that has already been mentioned and won’t ever be mentioned again, a Yellow card for Chris Van Haagen Dazs, and a third goal by Hoggy assisted by Emma the beast.


The unforgiving rain didn’t stop the Raiders in their relentless pursuit of happiness, which they knew could only be reached when winning the game. Japan kept using the same old strategy, kick the ball up to the tall and big Moriawase (yeah, I know. Mind-blowing. I also thought Japanese only came in small sizes). Third goal arrived in the 21st minute. It was again Hoggy, who selfishly took the penalty shoot out instead of Clem. After this last goal the win was a given. Only an unfair penalty for the Japs complicated the situation a small bit, but nothing the team united couldn’t handle.

3 Raiders got a yellow card on the second half, Mike, Clem and Danny H. Which we should celebrate as it means more beers for the team.


Thank you all for your warrior attitude on Sunday. I’m hoping to see the same this next Saturday against the Saints.


Vamos Raiders!!!!

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