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Saturday 21st of January 2017 was a dark dark dark dark day for some of us…. Yes, you know where I am talking about you bastards. The unrighteous, undeserved and unjustified decision to vote for The Raven, having made a goal and an assist, to be Turkey of the Match. An absolute scandal and it makes you wonder…was there corruption involved? Do we have a weak spot in our team? I would like to ask the Edward Snowden’s of the Raiders to please come forward and share any information you have regarding this disturbing matter. Please send an email to I will guarantee your safety. Thank you for your support. Moving on…

On the other hand it was a very special day… Aron – Spaghetti head loving female bratwurst eater –Schuftan was nominated for MOTM. You should have seen the sparkle in his eyes, his bald head never shined so bright before, tears were rolling down his cheeks… It was a special moment! After we had group hugs to comfort him, Spaghetti head was still making howling sounds. I bravely decided to reach out to him: “Spaghetti head, don’t worry, you will never become MOTM again”. Spaghetti head looked at me and flourished. He told me he couldn’t handle the fame that comes with being MOTM and appreciated my kind words. He took out his flask of whisky and carried on.

The match on Saturday almost turned out to be big disaster… It started out with some incredibly bad touches from The Raven, who according to some people seemed drunk. Unfortunately that was not the case. Let’s blame it on the weather that day… I was melting like cheese on a tosti (Dutch word for croquet-monsieur). However, it wasn’t just The Raven who played shit the first half, the entire team was playing football like Vietnamese drive their bikes; no direction, vision, no idea. Although some good work from Vincent and Emmanuel on the right flank, we were 0-2 behind before we even realized, ouch!

The 2nd half was a lot better. This time we looked like Western guys driving their bikes in Vietnam; a bit more direction, a bit more vision and bit more idea. We were playing more like a team, communication improved and the first chance proved to be a goal immediately. After an ‘incredible pass’ from the always high-tempered, but passionate Belgium guy, The Raven smoothly put in the ball in the net: 1-2. Not long afterwards, Emmanuel, who was playing like a boss (MOTM number 2), scored a beautiful goal assisted by The Raven. What Emmanuel showed after the goal was the typical thing you see in the Africa Cup, but now live at Chu Van An… amazing! More of that please 🙂

At 2-2 the atmosphere got a bit unfriendly… I guess the Vietnamese team did not enjoy the domination by the Raiders in the 2nd half. Maybe because TrumP(at) said “It is a challenge, not a friendly”. Pat always says a lot of bullshit when he’s on the sideline (90% of the time), but the Vietnamese team doesn’t know him that well.

Anyway in the last 15 minutes of the game Ben scored a nice goal that put the Raiders up 3-2! The acrobatic move Ben performed afterwards, trying to mimic Emmanuel, looking like a ******* idiot, will not be discussed out of decency.

In the end it was a lovely Saturday afternoon! “Heel gezellig” as we say in good old Holland 😉 Chuc Mung Nam Moi ladies!

The Raven

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