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22 September, 2020

The Eternal Battle

Saturday the 12th of September was supposed to be a relaxed and calm day. We were gonna play some Masteri FC team, after watch the Raiders win their game and have some beers at hem chill.  But because the opponent of the Raiders dropped out it was time for another in house Classico.  So instead […]

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30 June, 2020

Coach Colin’s Last (Rain)Dance

Semi Final Raiders faced up against the French in the plate semi-final and produced a victory in a game which was as comfortable as it could be for the recently crowned champions. After Coach Colin’s penultimate pre-match team talk was interrupted by an apologetic 34 year old teenager (oooo sorry!), the tone of the match […]

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05 June, 2020

“The Smell of Victory- The True Story of the ‘Aints Annihilation”

As the noon-sun peaked through a break in the blackout curtains- Aron aka The Wall slowly roused from his deep slumber. As he unwrapped himself from the mountain of female flesh lying naked on top of him, he smiled wryly… last night was good… apparently. He shook the 2 sirens from their sleep… “Ladies, time […]

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04 June, 2020

Time for the Turkeys to do the stuffing

It was a sweltering Sunday afternoon. With the title wrapped up with and two games to go you would have thought that complacency would have been the order of the day. But one thing was clear from the warmup, no turkeys were getting stuffed today. We lined up in the 4-3-3 formation which had seen […]

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28 May, 2020

The Turkey takes on the Samurai

After the Turkey got its feathers ruffled the weekend before by the Cockerel the fighting spurs were sharpened and ready for action. This week facing the mighty Samurai the Turkey was determined to show that last week would not define this proud squad. Messages and meetings and a good training session promised a solid display […]

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19 May, 2020

Vikings vs Sporting

The Vikings returned from the extended mid-season break with much of the talk about showing some spirit, fighting to the end and maybe trying to pick up a couple of points before the end of the season. The mentality of the team turned 180 degrees, however, after the impressive friendly win against the Japanese last […]

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19 May, 2020

Au revoir Raiders. Olympique 2 Saigon Raiders 0

A game that could have gone differently had Raiders taken an early lead. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be and Raiders start life after quarantine with a loss. There is one thing that all Raiders can agree on when waking up this morning. It was not fun yesterday! Injuries and players unavailable meant a shift […]

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14 May, 2020

Remake of Martha Reeves & The Vandellas ~ Heat Wave (1963)

After almost two months without a Raiders fixture many of the lads were desperate for a game of football. That desperate that they all thought it would be a good idea to play in the 40-degree Saigon heat. Usually the heat helps the local teams as they are more accustomed to the climate here, looking […]

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